[texhax] the \let command

Hartmut Henkel hartmut_henkel at gmx.de
Fri Nov 24 19:54:40 CET 2006

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006, R.Tange at soton.ac.uk wrote:

> I am using (probably one of the latest versions of) Latex.
> Why does
> \let\mycedilla\c
> \renewcommand{\c}{\ensuremath{\mathcal{c}}}
> work fine, but
> \let\tie\t
> \renewcommand{\t}{\ensuremath{\mathfrac{t}}}
> go wrong?

\mathfrac isn't a valid LaTeX core macro. You might need a macropackage
(which?) to activate it.

> After executing the above two lines \t and \tie mean the same thing.

no, \tie points to the _former_ \t definition, then \t is redefined.
They don't necessarily mean the same thing.

Regards, Hartmut

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