[texhax] Converting LaTeX files into MS Word

Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) rjf2 at cdc.gov
Wed Nov 22 20:20:05 CET 2006

From: peralta <peralta at cc.usu.edu>
> I am about to begin writing a book for a publisher. 
> The publisher says they prefer to receive 
> the text 
you probably want to seek some more clarification on what they mean by 'text'
> via MS Word files. 
> I will have many equations, 
> and was considering using LaTeX, 
consider using pdfLaTeX
to produce a .pdf
> which I have downloaded and explored. 
> From the FAQs, 
> I believe there is no conversion program available 
> that can convert complicated documents 
> created on LaTeX into MS Word. 
others have already addressed that issue.
my only comment is: words as text are not a document.
> Is that correct? If so, I will not use LaTeX.

you should consider searching the texhax archives
for similar threads.
Reasons I, as a book author, chose LaTeX over MS Word
* I had five years typesetting experience
* I have 15 years programming experience
* I use a professional text editor
* MS campaigns around other issues of FUD: Fear, Uncertainly, Doubt:
  Was it 44 pages, or filesize=44KB
  when MS Word -might- crash?
  and take your document and your backups with it?
  ** anecdotes from friends who are technical writers
  ** Word to Wise: keep it small and back up often
* document assembly of separate (usually chapter) files:
  * learning Word's Master Document is a learning curve in its own right
  * learning to use LaTeX \input and \include is easy, and simple
* value added by LaTeX
  *yes, can be done in Word, yeahBut
  * page numbering,
  * section, subsection, etc. and equation numbering
  * table of contents
    * see also minitoc for chapter and section ToC
  * list of tables and figures
  * index
  * bibliography
  * footnotes
you do know that TeX was written expressly for typesetting equations?
> Richard Peralta
> Utah State Univ.

do you know Nelson Beebe?
are you interested in seeking a publisher 
who wishes to have text in xml?
Ron Fehd  the LaTeX maven
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