[texhax] Converting LaTeX files into MS Word

Frauke Jurgensen fraukevj at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 19:37:58 CET 2006

I've been lurking on this thread...Such a script would be extremely handy,
if you were willing to share!
Most journals in my field don't know TeX exists, and the path to
enlightenment is slow...I'm dealing with musical examples rather than
formulae, which work beautifully either directly in TeX or with Lilypond. To
my knowledge, MS Word has no way of dealing with them beyond importing
graphics. Is there a polite way to tell editors that they are making their
OWN lives more difficult, let alone those of contributors?
On 11/22/06, Joel Salomon <joelcsalomon at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/21/06, peralta <peralta at cc.usu.edu> wrote:
> > I am about to begin writing a book for a publisher. The publisher says
> they
> > prefer to receive the text via MS Word files.
> Rather than PDF?
> > I will have many equations, and was considering using LaTeX, which I
> have
> > downloaded and explored. From the FAQs, I believe there is no conversion
> > program available that can convert complicated documents created on
> LaTeX
> > into MS Word. Is that correct? If so, I will not use LaTeX.
> If you can possibly avoid MS Office's equation editor, do so; it's
> unspeakably awful.  I have a little script I wrote for use with
> pstricks that takes a minimal TeX file --- I had one pstricks image,
> but you can put a single equation in instead --- and produces an
> embeddable pdf.  Might that script be useful to you, so you can submit
> the document in Word, but write equations in a sane environment?
> --Joel
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