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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Nov 22 00:47:59 CET 2006

>>>>> "George" == George Georgalis <george at galis.org> writes:

  > On Tue, Nov 21, 2006 at 02:44:48AM +0100, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
  >>>>>>> "George" == George Georgalis <george at galis.org> writes:
  >>  >> There is an example in TLC2, page 149.
  >> > I didn't know that was online (and I don't have the book).
  >> The TLC in not online (but I have the book).

  > What I had found was the examples from the book...
  > http://www.tug.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/tlc2-examples.html
  > I'm curious if the page 149 example is in there? What
  > section/figure is it?

Chapter 3:   Basic Formatting Tools
Section 3.3: List Structures
Example 3-3-27

I must admit that I modified it a bit.  The original name of the
environment was "altDescription" instead of "mylist" (too lazy to use
such long names), I used \addtowidth instead of the calc package
because only one addition was needed, I replaced \textsf by \textbf
because it is more noticeable, and I set \lablesep to 1em because I
thought that's what you wanted.


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