[texhax] Clash between \emph and \xspace [corrected, improved]

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Fri Nov 17 12:35:33 CET 2006

> Indeed, the LaTeX font commands like \emph{...} and \textit{...} 
> put the token \check at icr and some other things behind their argument, 
> so \xspace cannot see the closing bracket. 
> With the recent version of xspace, you can do 
>     \makeatletter
>     \xspaceaddexeptions{\check at icr}
>     \makeatother
> so the final \xpace won't add a \space at the end of the text font 
> argument. 

Good to know, exCept that you really meant \xspaceaddexceptions (with a

> I wondered why current xspace package doesn't give \check at icr 
> as an exeption already. 

Would seem sensible, especially since the problem arises with all font
changing commands (such as \textbf, \textsl etc.). 

Moreover, there is no problem with the following commands: \MakeUppercase,
\MakeLowercase, \textcolor ("color" package).

Cheers,  Phil

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