[texhax] How I do This ? ["local"]

uwe.lueck at web.de uwe.lueck at web.de
Thu Nov 16 15:59:21 CET 2006

At 14:48 16.11.06, wa2n wrote:
> What I'm doing right now is trying to make my local fonts and
> develop a class that using those fonts. Can anybody here give some
> example, howto building a class that using local font, like cjk, hebrew,
> hindi, arab or other. I'm still not yet understand how thats work, :(

Possibly usefull for this purpose: 



(Williams pointed to the latter directory recently) 
or alternatively: 


especially add the following to one of the two previous paths: 
cfgguide.pdf, clsguide.pdf, fntguide.pdf. 

The sources for these "guides" (cfgguide.tex etc.) are part 
of the LaTeX base contribution, so you will have them already 
and can make them yourself. If you are using MiKTeX (or ...) 
you will find cfgguide.dvi etc. in C:/texmf/doc/...

Hope this helps -- Uwe. 

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