[texhax] How to insert file content into a string?

Micha Hofri hofri at WPI.EDU
Sun Nov 5 00:30:12 CET 2006

At 20:54 on 11/04/06 Martin Schr�er sent:

: 2006/11/4, Micha Hofri <hofri at wpi.edu>:
: >   We work on a book, and many versions of typeset sections fly back 
: > forth.  We would like to insert in the output of latex the
: LaTeX packages which support rcs, cvs and svn exist.
: And prelim2e could also help you.
: Best
:    Martin
: _______________________________________________

Thanks, Martin.  Your package is just fine for placing the information. I 
shall use it for the typesetting.  But I am still unclear about getting 
the file-modification time into the command redefining the subfooter. If 
I understood correctly, the time option of prelim2e gives the compilation 
time, when latex does the processing; but this is not quite right, 
especially if I typeset a book containing pieces that were last changed 
at different times, and this information is significant for our use.

On the other hand, every versioning system will be too much overhead for
a team of two authors. We would like to stay away from these.

Thanks again,                   --Micha

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