[texhax] How to insert file content into a string?

Micha Hofri hofri at WPI.EDU
Sat Nov 4 19:06:22 CET 2006

Hi to all:

  We work on a book, and many versions of typeset sections fly back and 
forth.  We would like to insert in the output of latex the time the 
compiled file was last modified, ideally into the header or footer.  I am 
on a Unix system and can get the string , say "Nov 4 13:05" into a file, 
say filedate, which I could then read with \input{filedate}.

Printing it once is easy, but how can I get it into a header 
definition?  Currently that definition includes the predefined \today, so 
it would be enough if I could use this new string in, say, a 


--Micha Hofri

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