[texhax] calling own making symbol

pierre.mackay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Wed Nov 1 00:17:20 CET 2006

wa2n wrote:

>Hi all
>I already make symbols using MF, the source look like :
>beginchar(hex"00",5u#,4u#,0); "my simbol1";
>That symbol already have *.gf extension.
>The question is how I call that symbol into latex, if I using " hex"00" 
>" to naming the symbol ?
GF has its uses, and I would fight against any attempt to do away with 
it,  but it is definitely an intermediate format.  It certainly used not 
to be possible to use it directly in a TeX file.  The program gftopk 
turns it into a a PK file, which is a compact, already rasterized 
format.  PK was once the standard format for glyphs to be printed in 
TeX, and it can still be used, even though commercial printers view it 
with horror.

There may, by this time, be a GF to Adobe type3 utility, but I don't 
know about it.

Pierre MacKay

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