[texhax] Treating the verbatim environment much like figures

Alex Scorpan scorpan at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 22:20:47 CEST 2006

> 1) They don't necessarily appear "inline" but are positioned where  
> LaTeX
> thinks best, just like figures
> 2) I can reference them with a \ref and a \label

Why not simply


As \caption{Gaga} will produce something like

	Figure 55. Gaga

you should also add to your preamble

	\renewcommand\figurename{Code chunk}

and then \caption{Gaga} will produce

	Code chunk 55. Gaga

If you plan on having a list of code chunks (like a table of  
contents), introduced with

then, at the outset, that one will be be titled "List of Figures";   
you need to add to your preamble

	\renewcommand\listfigurename{List of little Code chunks}

and then \listofigures will produce a listing of all code chunks,  
with the new title.

If you have actual figures in your document, you could highjack  
tables in a similar manner.  If you need both actual figures and  
actual tables, then... well, maybe you don't.


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