[texhax] running metafont for the first time

Karl Berry karl at tug.org
Sat Jul 22 21:01:20 CEST 2006

Thanks for the detailed report :).  Your diagnosis is right.

    (C:\Program Files\ProText\TeXMF\fonts\source\public\misc\gray.mf
    (C:\Program Files\ProText\TeXMF\fonts\source\public\misc\graycx.mf

The file gray.mf is apparently unconditionally loading graycx (300dpi
for the old Canon CX printer), while the request is for the ljfour

One solution is to change gray.mf to be the following three lines:

if mode=ljfour: input graylj;
elseif mode=cx: input graycx;

Then try opening the file in yap again.  Hopefully graylj.mf will get
read and the proper gray font will get generated.

Hope this helps,

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