[texhax] bibtex : multiple entries a year for the same first author

H V boite_anti_spam at yahoo.fr
Sat Jul 22 13:24:12 CEST 2006

  Dear tex wizards,
  I use the attached .bst and .sty files.
  When I use 2 references with the same authors, the same year (like
  Jones, Smith and Poirot 2006a
  Jones, Smith and Poirot 2006b
  ), I have correct extra labels "a" and "b".
  But if some authors change, with the same first author  (like 
  Jones, Smith and Poirot 2005
  Jones, Poirot and Smith 2005
 Jones, Smith and Müller 2005
 ), the reference in the text will be Jones et al (2005) for all papers. I'd rather have Jones et al (2005a), Jones et al (2005b) etc...
  Where is this controlled ?
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