[texhax] Math in HTML (was Blogs)

Adrian F. Clark alien at essex.ac.uk
Wed Jul 19 12:14:15 CEST 2006

On 19 Jul 2006, at 12:13, Alberto Vecchiato wrote:

> As regards the TeX to MathML translator, there are many available.  
> I tried Ttm, which is free of charge for Linux and non-commercial  
> use, and it gave very good results not only for equations, but also  
> for tables, figures, bibliography and indexes. You can find it at
> http://hutchinson.belmont.ma.us/tth/mml/

I can echo this.  I have for almost a decade used tth, ttm's  
predecessor, to convert my online lab notebook, which has a file per  
day, from LaTeX to HTML on the fly via a CGI script.  I hesitate to  
call this a blog within Phil's earshot ;-) but it has many of the  
same characteristics.  It shouldn't be difficult to make a blog or  
wiki engine do the same, given access to its source.

On a related note, are there other people Out There who use LaTeX to  
record their daily activities, especially in a research context?  I'm  
working on a scheme that would allow entries in such an online lab  
notebook to be acceptable in patenting etc and would like to know  
what interest there is, if any.


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