[texhax] Blogs

Karl Berry karl at FREEFRIENDS.ORG
Tue Jul 18 23:08:25 CEST 2006

      > I wanted, and still want, to be able to put up some decent looking
      > formulas in a blog.

I gather there is a TeX variant supported in some wikis, specifically
for math.  Unfortunately I'm not coming up with any references right
now.  And it would depend on your blog's capabilities.

    tex4ht can produce HTML or XML
    and I suppose that it handles formulas gracefully.

Yes, it does.  I echo the suggestion and the comments about it not being
easy to install.  (Being the one who does install it in TL ... :)

    BTW., I remember vaguely that Michel Goossens did some research about
    converting outline fonts to SVG some time ago.  Does anyone knows


However, in practice I think trying to do anything in SVG would have the
same problems as MathML.


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