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Matt Hoffman hoffmanm at cs.ubc.ca
Wed Jul 19 01:45:27 CEST 2006

On Jul 18, 2006, at 12:29 PM, Peter Flom wrote:

> I apologize for starting what seems to be degenerating into a flame
> war.
> I just asked a question about using LaTeX, which is, I think, the
> purpose of this list.  I wanted, and still want, to be able to put up
> some decent looking formulas in a blog.  I did not want, and still do
> not want, to engage in a debate over the point of blogs, lists, e- 
> mail,
> mathematics, or whatever.

A few people have pointed out MathML as a possible option, while some  
others have pointed out that you could convert your mark-up to an  
image. I'll just ignore the other people who had absolutely nothing  
to contribute to the discussion.

One possible approach that could work in both cases might be texvc  
which itself is used by mediawiki (the software responsible for  
wikipedia). To quote directly from the texvc README:

"texvc takes LaTeX-compatible equations and produces formatted output in
HTML, MathML, and (via LaTeX/dvips/ImageMagick) rasterized PNG images.
Input data is parsed and scrutinized for safety, and the output includes
an estimate of whether the code is simple enough that HTML rendering  
look acceptable."

You can grab the mediawiki source from http://sourceforge.net/ 
projects/wikipedia/, and texvc is contained in the math/  
subdirectory. I think it looks/works quite nicely, but other people  
may have their own opinions.

-matt hoffman
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