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Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Jul 18 22:54:13 CEST 2006

At 22:31 18.07.06, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>On 7/18/06, Uwe Lück <uwe.lueck at web.de> wrote:
> > At 14:21 18.07.06, Peter Flom wrote:
> >
> > >anyone had advice on using LaTeX to write diaries on a blog, in
> > >particular, dailykos  (www.dailykos.com).
> >
> > Aside from using the thread for blogging, one might try to
> > help with the request (sorry if I flame some bloggers by
> > trying to help a blogger):
> >
> > The main problem is latex2html, I guess -- enter `2html'
> > at a CTAN search.
>Actually, I tried to do this but my post is probably under heap of flames
> >> Movabletype blogware
> >> http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/
> >> has RooLaTeX plug-in. However to use it one needs to have a latex
>installed on the web server running blog which usually is not the

It may be useful to point out technical difficulties:
I don't have such an earlier posting in my texhax box
(to which a filter directs mails with `[texhax]' in the subject).
This may be not due to the heap, you rather may have
forgotten to take the list address to your To: or Cc:

Similar matter: here and below I wonder what is your recent
text and which is from an earlier posting.

Thanks for your really expert hints -- Uwe.

>Clearly understanding risk that someone would flame chats I would like
>to add that on Mac OSX multinet chatware Adium has also (pseudo) LaTeX
>plug-in; so the more general question about using LaTeX as a slave to
>other programs is completely legitimate
>At 14:21 18.07.06, Peter Flom wrote:
> >> I apologize for starting what seems to be degenerating into a flame
>I just asked a question about using LaTeX, which is, I think, the
>purpose of this list.  I wanted, and still want, to be able to put up
>some decent looking formulas in a blog.  I did not want, and still do
>not want, to engage in a debate over the point of blogs, lists, e-mail,
>mathematics, or whatever.
>The answer to my question appears to be that it is not possible.  If
>anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.
>Definitely it was not you who started a flame war. My answer to your
>question see above.
>in the beginning of this message. It is possible.
>You can also produce ps or pdf file with the formula using LaTeX and
>convert them to jpg or png file (it is exactly what latex2html does)

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