[texhax] Blogs

Susan Dittmar SDittmar at eureca.de
Tue Jul 18 17:02:06 CEST 2006

Quoting Victor Ivrii (vivrii at gmail.com):
> Personally I would prefer the current
> mailing list to be replaced by a bulletin board (which could be much
> better structured).

I hope that will never happen - or at least will never *replace* the
mailing list. I *hate* boards. I want to read the new stuff at my leisure
without having to log in just to see nothing happened, and without all the
loading overhead bulletin boards pose. My mail client reads from hard disk
soooo much faster than from a web page...

Susan Dittmar

PS: Please don't read this mail as flaming your mail, Victor. This is not
    my intention. I know you are not alone favoring boards. I just wanted
    to voice my personal preference concerning this toppic, nothing more,
    nothing less.

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