[texhax] Blogs

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jul 18 16:42:39 CEST 2006

Victor Ivrii wrote:

 > This cited email demonstrates at least one advantage of blogging: if
 > Mr.Taylor had a blog, he could put his flame there instead of
 > submitting it to the mailing list :-)

But I haven't, and I wouldn't :-)
 > While I agree that many of blogs (and their cousins bulletin boards)
 > became places of incredibly stupid and nasty flame wars, at least some
 > of them are really helpful. Personally I would prefer the current
 > mailing list to be replaced by a bulletin board (which could be much
 > better structured).

I confess I do participate in bulletin boards from
time to time, but the probability of my responding
to a request for help on a TeX-related issue is
many many times greater if I receive it on e-mail
than if I were to have to read a bulletin board
in order to learn of the request's existence ...

** P.

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