[texhax] Problem getting .png to display properly using pdftex in MikTex

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I have been using \includegraphics[width=1\columnwidth]{InfoMonthlyheader1} and this (and all graphics) have been imported as .eps.   Now, with some great advice to get me started, from this group, I have tried using pdftex from MikTex on a Win32 system.   I cut a raft of code out of my document and have a very skeletal version below so experts can see what I'm up to and perhaps spot really dumb things I'm doing.  My problem is that when I do includegraphics[width=.8\columnwidth]{flowsNew1.png}, I end up with a very, very, very large graphic in my document.  I even edited it down to be a tiny image, but it still ends up so huge that only a portion can fit on the page.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what I must do to get .png files to display properly?

I can continue to use .eps files if I cannot use .png.

Thanks so much!  

(code follows)
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%charter font
\usepackage[OT1, T1]{fontenc} 

%use TeX encoding then Type 1.

\textwidth = 8 in
\textheight = 12 in
\oddsidemargin = -.9in
\evensidemargin = -.9in

\topmargin = -40pt

\headheight = 0pt
\headsep = 0pt
\parskip = 4pt
\parindent = 0.0in
\marginparwidth = 0pt
\marginparsep = 0pt


\columnsep=20pt                         % Space between columns 
\columnseprule=.001pt                     % Width of rule between columns 




\large {\textcolor{black}{Caseload Update April 2006 Assistance Month}}


\colorbox{blue}{\color{white} \hspace{.1in} {\textbf{Caseload Update (old  )}} \color{blue}{iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii}  }

A table usually goes here.



\colorbox{blue}{\color{white} \hspace{.1in}{\textbf{Transitions - March to April 2006}} \color{blue}{iiiiiiiiiiiiiii}  }

More stuff here

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