[texhax] Latex Style files A5, A6 - Contact to German support

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Tue Jul 11 23:58:54 CEST 2006

"Clemens Brandstetter" <Clemens.Brandstetter at T-Online.de> writes:

> acutally, I am writing a book using the book-style with the format A4.
> Although I have searched al lot in the Internet for a Latex Style
> transforming the A4 format in A5, A6 or any other size smaller than A5
> I have found no hint or other method to do so.

There is no "transforming" to an different paper size. Rather, your
text will be typeset according to the paper size you choose for the
respective LaTeX run.

> Can you give me some advise how to proceed? Where I can download the
> neccessary files?

Class option a5paper should suffice. You may also try the KOMA-Script
replacement for book.cls called scrbook which should already be
installed on an up-to-date TeX system, otherwise get it from CTAN:


Please don't use olden style files such as a4.sty or a5.sty because
these are obsolete. See l2tabu.pdf for details available from CTAN,

> Do you also know Latex support from Germany which I can contact via
> phone or email regarding my problem / question?

   - news://de.comp.text.tex, also available via google.groups.com .

   - Mailing list TeX-D-L, also available by nttp via news.gmane.org
     at gmane.comp.tex.german .


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