[texhax] left/right page lay out

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Sat Jan 21 21:47:08 CET 2006

At 17:22 21.01.06, ad meskens wrote:
>I am looking for a package which allows to do the following: on the right 
>page a text (e.g. Latin or Greek) is put, on the left page the translation 
>is put. Both should start at the same height on the page. This 
>necessitates blank lines between text portions either on the left or the 
>right page. The translation may contain mathematical formulae.
>I have added an example, made in Word so improvements are in order.
>One may also think of Euclid's Elements with a mathematical explanation on 
>the left page (instead of in a footnote) and the translation (or original 
>Greek) on the right page.

You seem to need parallel.sty . If you want to make a critical edition,
you may need ledmac.sty and ledpar.sty .

HTH, Uwe. 

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