[texhax] Lowered \hat accent

Michael Doob mdoob at cc.umanitoba.ca
Wed Jan 18 17:50:13 CET 2006

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 10:33 am, Uwe Lück wrote:
> At 02:53 16.01.06, Joel Salomon wrote:
> >In a paper dicussing the "unit vectors" $\hat\imath$, $\hat\jmath$,
> >and $\hat k$, is there some way to put the hat accent over the body of
> >the letter 'k' rather than over its ascender?  I'd prefer a method
> >that automatically computes the position from font information, if
> >such exists, but hacks and kludges are fine.
> What about
>    $\upperaccent[1pt]{"5E}{\ooalign{\hidewidth\vphantom{\i}\hidewidth\cr\smash{k}}}$
> using Fukui Rei's exaccent.sty from CTAN?

You might also want to look at the \skew command the page 136 of the TeXbook.



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