[texhax] problems with two "exam" packages for typesetting examsfor students

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Fri Dec 15 17:29:08 CET 2006

Well, a little reading of the manual goes a long way.  I had not updated 
my MikTex in quite a while, so on my old computer,

. . . .

compiled fine with the examdesign class.

But I re-read the pdf manual for examdesign class, and it seems to be 
different from before.  It now instructs me to use


And that works fine.  I'm glad that the clash between these packages has 
been remedied.

--Chris Ryan

Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
> My /localtexmf is higher up on my Roots tab than is /texmf.  So I moved 
> examdesign class to /localtexmf, completely deleted the folder for the 
> unwanted exam class (it was left over after I had removed that package), 
> and then rehashed the database.  Still no success; I am still prompted 
> to install the unwanted exam class during the compile.
> --
> Chris Ryan
> Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:
>> My personal solution has always been to create another local tree \pretexmf,
>> which I set higher up on the list than \texmf in the Roots tab of the MiKTeX
>> Options wizard.  I then place in it just the desired exam.cls file.
>> Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe
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