[texhax] problems with two "exam" packages for typesetting exams for students

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Thu Dec 14 22:10:43 CET 2006

Quite a while back, I wrote to Texhax about this issue, relative to my 
linux system at home, and received the following helpful advice:

>> Thanks for the tip on exam class.  I think it will serve my purposes
>> > in designing a self-report survey instrument for a research project.
>> >
>> > [duplicate names]
>> > 
>> > Both packages are "called" with the same opening line:  documentclass{exam}
>> > 
>> > So here's the rub:  my Kile calls up Hirshorn's package in response to
>> > that command.  Hirschorn's package doesn't seem to know what to do
>> > with the \begin{multiplechoice} command, and I get errors.
>> > 
>> > Any suggestions on how to specify the Alexander exam package (which I
>> > think is the same as the examdesign package--it also uses
>> > \documentclass{exam} declaration, merely adding to the confusion.)
>> > 
>> > Or alternatively, how would I remove the Hirschorn exam package from
>> > my Linux system?
> i am very sorry about this: we try to catch duplicate names when we put
> things on the archive, but we failed spectacularly here, and people
> continue to have problems.
> when we realised the problem, we wrote to the author of the second one
> and asked him to change the name, and he refused :-(  [i don't recall
> which is which, but i suspect the more functional one is the one whose
> name we wanted to change.]
> we need to take more decisive action; whatever it is, it will cause
> yet more inconvenience to users such as you.
> in the mean time, i suggest you delete the hirschhorn's package from
> your system (there will continue to be trouble so long has you have two
> exam.cls on your system).  here's a recipe:
>   kpsewhich exam.cls
>   # now, as root:
>   rm `kpsewhich exam.cls`
>   # now move alexander's into place
>   cp exam.cls <location shown by kpsewhich above>
>   texhash
>   # end of root interlude
> i'll ensure that whatever action we manage to take gets broadcast to
> texhax as well as to the usual suspects (ctan-ann mailing list and hence
> newsgroup comp.text.tex)
> Robin Fairbairns
> For the CTAN team
> [copied to the team]

Now at work, I have to migrate all my "stuff" to a new computer.  The 
old one ran MikTex 2.4 on Win98.  The new one runs WindowsXP, and I have 
installed MikTex via the proTEX CD from TUG.  Both "exam" packages were 
installed.  My .tex files for exams no longer compile.  I imagine it is 
the same problem as the above.  I removed the exam class that I don't 
want and kept the examdesign package.  But still no luck:  when 
compiling my document, with this in the preamble,


I am prompted me to re-install the "other" exam class (which is the one 
I don't want.)

So how do I fix this in WindowsXP?


--Chris Ryan

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