[texhax] Spacing between tables, itemize environment and normal paragraphs

Francisco José Alves laranjatomate at yahoo.com.br
Tue Dec 12 22:58:15 CET 2006

Good morning.
I'm using {book} class for writing my thesis. Including tables LaTeX on it puts them where it thinks best, but... the text paraghaphs who are before and after the table on source code appear with an out of normal space on DVI.
Other case is between an {itemize} environment and a normal paragraph. I have put one or two foolish items just for testing, and they appear inside this space.
It seems LaTeX puts the last paragraph of that section at bottom of the page (next section starts at new page without \newpage and without explanation), and some extra text from paragraphs or items are put there if tyem don't fill that page.

Thanks for attention paid.

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