[texhax] Printing counters which vary in a header

Robert E. Jamison rejam at CLEMSON.EDU
Mon Dec 11 17:47:17 CET 2006

Dear Sirs:

This is a LaTex question rather than a Tex question, but I am desparate.
I want to do somdething which at first glance seems like it should be 
simple, but I can't get anything to work.

>I have searching for several days for an answer to the following problem.
>I want to define act and scene counters fot a play.  I want to print these
>in the HEADER in the following format IV.iii.87.
>I know how to define new counters, I know how to increment them, and I can
>get them to print correctly IN THE BODY of the play (i.e. at random
>places in the text.)  But that is NO GOOD.  They must be printed IN THE

>I can get something to show up in the header.

So far I have gotten:


(For some reason the \Roman command no longer seems to work.)

>But they are NOT incremented.
What ever appears on p. 1, appears on all pages.
Again, if I place the same commands in the TEXT,
the values change correctly.

>Any ideas?  I would be very grateful.

I've searched the web and found many complicated things which do not 
deal with this and many things too simple to deal with this.

Robert Jamison

rejam at clemson.edu

Robert E. Jamison
Senior Full Professor
Clemson University
rejam at clemson.edu
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