[texhax] TeX for the blind

Chris Rowley C.A.Rowley at open.ac.uk
Mon Dec 11 13:57:08 CET 2006


> As far as math is concerned attempts by AR to read it are completely
> miserable and I would use voice annotation instead.

Thanks for confirming that: it was clear to me theoretically.

> >
> > AFAIK markup of math is hard; do we really want to go the MathML way?
> >
> > Btw: I'm wondering why nobody mentioned the TeX-math reader presented
> > more than 10 years ago at a TeX conference. I forgot the name of the
> > author. :-(
> What about the exact name of the program?

I think William may be referring to aster more like 15 years old now).
A very specialised idea that is nothing like a screen reader: it was
rather a LaTeX reader (but coud easily be the basis for a structure reader).

Ironic fact: its creator went to work for Adobe but they still do not
understand what reading text (let alone maths) in computers really involves.

> PS I am trying to extend this discussion to pdftex mailing list which
> is frequented by some very knowledgeable folks

Let us know what they know, if they volunteer anything.

You may also want to contact these guys down the road from you: 


as they have a project or two on mathematical communication.



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