[texhax] TeX for the blind

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Mon Dec 11 13:35:06 CET 2006

On Dec 11, 2006, at 4:49 AM, Chris Rowley wrote:

> What I hate every second of every day right now is that I cannot keep
> the file open in the reader and get it to update when the file changes
> (on Windows mostly these days).

On sort of work-around for this is to open the .pdf in a web browser,  
then you can ``refresh'' to load the updated version. Takes you back  
to the first page though.

There's an ``atchange'' or something like that script which I believe  
has been mentioned on comp.text.tex. I think it's on CTAN and that it  
works w/ Windows.

It's a lot easier just to use TeXshop in Mac OS X, though when I'm  
using my pen slate running Windows, I've pretty much conditioned  
myself to close the .pdf before switching away from Acrobat, then I  
use a button in my tex editor (Dirk Struve's WinTeXShell) to open the  
matching .pdf for the main document in Acrobat. This is of course  
fine for 1 page documents, but has serious issues w/ anything longer,  
which is why, I suppose, I like to use LyX when I'm working in  
Windows and doing general writing, but move to Mac OS X if doing  
anything where source synchronization &c. is warranted.


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