[texhax] A sign-change puzzle

pierre.mackay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Sun Dec 10 22:36:49 CET 2006

Your answer inspired me to dig really deep, and ultimately to discover 
what I did wrong. 

After some fretting, I have come up with this. which does the right 
thing by letters, numbers and punctuation marks.
(They want them letterspaced too.)  Then I made sure that I could also 
include control sequences. 

Thank you for giving me the push to get it right at last.

\newdimen \letterspacing
\newdimen \lspkern

       \else\kern-\letterspacing#1 % When a character is immediately
                                   % followed by control sequence, cancel
                                   % the previous letterspace

\[THIS~IS~LETTER\kr SPACED~\qquad~~A12345;;;]

\leavevmode\hskip 8.45pc\vrule height 1pc width 1pc % To measure the 
space left by \kr

Again many thanks

Pierre MacKay

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