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George Georgalis george at galis.org
Fri Dec 1 19:51:39 CET 2006

On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 07:08:33PM -0500, George Georgalis wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 11:48:13PM +0100, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>>>>>>> "George" == George Georgalis <george at galis.org> writes:
>>  > *sigh* html is not required, but a big reason I went with latex is
>>  > so that html versions of printed official documents would be
>>  > available. so this is a big disappointment.
>>Did you consider using tex4ht to produce html?  Seems to be more
>>reasonable than using a script which converts latex source code to
>>html, especially if you introduce new control sequences.  tex4ht is a
>>bit more robust because it does not depend on the latex source code
>>only but also evaluates the dvi file.
>didn't know about it. the TeX4ht insructions seem direct enough.

surprisingly, all the little install steps fell into place. "someone"
should package it... :)

and it works pretty well, I needed to change my source to include
the graphic file extensions, and they don't seem scaled, which
is not pleasing. would be nice if I could specify an output
directory too. but both can be managed...

I got an off list, recommendation (re multi output format) for
hyperlatex.sourceforge.net, looks good for some applications,
but why is there no pdf of the documentation?

// George

George Georgalis, systems architect, administrator <IXOYE><

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