[texhax] Latex Questions

Matthew Dzieciuch mad at ucsd.edu
Mon Aug 28 22:35:54 CEST 2006

Hello Leon,

I am trying to reformat my old UM thesis with latex, but am running  
into a problem that you posted on a mailing list. I don't see that  
anyone ever answered it. I was wondering if you solved the problem  
and could share the answer with me.

Thanks for any help you might have.

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Hi, sorry for bothering you.
I am trying to finish my Dissertation and get some problems from Latex.
1) I have appendix with pictures which include the math mode like:

         \centerline{ \epsfig{figure=fuselflapgamsig.eps,
         height =  4 in}}
         \caption{solid -- fuselage-flap, dotted -- elliptic
         distribution.  Top -- circulation distribution
         $\Gamma(x)$.  Bottom -- vortex sheet strength distribution
         $ \sigma = \partial \Gamma / \partial s$. }

then Latex gives me following error message

LaTeX Error: \mathrm allowed only in math mode

If I remove math mode, then it works, but it is really not  
convenient.  Why
shouldn't appendix allow math mode in figures?

2) My bibliography list starts with empty [1] reference and then with  
it starts my references.  I am not quite sure why it happens...

3) Is there some way to make it put all the figures of one section  
another one starts?  I have quite a few figures in certain sections and
they run all the way into next section.  Which is a mess.

Thank you so much !

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