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>   Thank you for your time on this bank holiday (sunday)
>   But the infomation was of little use i have tried the file with a .ps .wps .doc .txt and on and on 
>   Its really bugging the life out off me.
>   Please see attached file.
>   It has been virus checked so I presume it to be OK
>   Could it also be the virus checker that may have corrupted the file in some way.
>   When sent this file many moons ago 1999
>   I was lead to beleive it was a .dvi file
>   What ever a .dvi file is??
>   Regs
>   Garry

It is not a dvi file.  It is PostScript, as both I and the other
poster said.  This is clear from the first line of the file:


The file was *generated* from a dvi.

dvi = device independent = format that TeX and LaTeX produce.

TeX and LaTeX = open source (free!) typesetting languages.

One converts from dvi to postscript with a program called ghostscript.
Generally there is a script called dvips that does this.

It's a text file, for goshs sake, so I am not worried about viruses. 
You are entering the world of open source software where we do not
generally need to worry about viruses!  Why?  Because it's a text file
and I have no intention (and couldn't) execute it.  Get a Mac or a
Linux box and you won't worry either.

I converted from PostScript to PDF using ps2pdf and the conversion was
smooth.  Nothing corrupted.  I let my Mac do the conversion in
Previewer too and there was no problem.

I looked at the PDF and it is indeed (as the other poster said) a 15
page paper.  For some reason I cannot cut and paste from it.  Perhaps
it was locked somehow when it was generated.

The title (typed by hand) is "Proof Planning with Multiple Stratagies"
by Erica Melis and Andreas Meier of Germany. 

It is nicely typeset and the style implies that it was written in
LaTeX.  There are some nicely typeset equations and a bibliography.

I suggest that you learn how to look at this file yourself.


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