[texhax] TeX v. Word, etc.

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One of the main gripes in this question seems to be the question of the
portability of files between different versions of MS Office/Word, (or any
other commercial wordprocessor app. for that matter, but I'll use Word as
the illustrative example) and the fact that the Office/Word file format is
subject to change between versions, which is not conducive to a long term
archiving and document recovery. 

The advent of an ISO standard document format namely, ODF, would, on the
face of it, appear to provide some sort of solution to this particular long
term storage problem. It would be interesting to know what others in the
community feel about ODF in this respect.



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>>>>> "John" == John R Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> writes:

  > In your comparison don't forget that there are other versions of
  > TeX beyond LaTeX. For example Context will do some prepress
  > functions, such as imposition.

If imposition comes into play, I wonder what we are talking about. Do we
talk about office software or professional typesetting?

I think it's time to ask the original poster what he intends to do.

Otherwise this discussion becomes endless.  If we are talking about
professional typesetting, I think that it doesn't make sense to compare
LaTeX/Context with Word, it would make more sense to compare it with

If we talk about office software, I fear that the discussion becomes endless
anyway, without any result.


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