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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Aug 23 22:22:45 CEST 2006


> > >    I'm writing a package which has to put a lot of stuff in specific
> > > places on a page, and TeX is proving to be near impossible to work
> > > with.
> >
> > One way is to use pstricks.  With the appropriate commands you can set
> > up a nice coordinate system and then place whatever you want whereever
> > you want.
>    It seems like this is a better way to go than trying to recreate
> the forms I'm trying to fill in.  I can include the background form as
> an image and place text in the specific places on top.
>    Unfortunately, pstricks only works with DVI output, not PDF.  And
> I'm using the graphicsx package and .png graphics files, so I need a
> different way of placing text in specific locations.
>    Anyone know of a package that will do this, that's compatible with
> PDF output?


Just convert to postscript and then to PDF.  I do this all the time!

Use these programs:


They are so fast, an extra step doesn't matter.
(Or maybe I'm missing how you set things up.  I just use LaTeX
to get the dvi.)


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