[texhax] \url{a.b at c.d} produces mailto b at c.d link

Samuel Lelievre samuel.lelievre.tex at free.fr
Sat Aug 19 03:14:02 CEST 2006

Sure, but I would prefer
- not to have the word "mailto" appear in the pdf,
- but still have the correct mailto link.

Is there a way to achieve that? Is there a different
package that can do that? (can hyperref do that?)

Samuel Lelievre

----- Philip Taylor wrote: -----

>Seems fine if you add an explicit "mailto:"
>	Alpha Bravo \url {mailto:alpha.bravo at charlie.de}
>Philip Taylor
>Samuel Lelievre wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Has any one here come across this behaviour of the
>> url package: \url{a.b at c.d} produces mailto b at c.d link.
> >
> > Sample and more details below.
> > Samuel

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