[texhax] \url{a.b at c.d} produces mailto b at c.d link

Samuel Lelievre samuel.lelievre.tex at free.fr
Fri Aug 18 23:19:22 CEST 2006


Has any one here come across this behaviour of the
url package: \url{a.b at c.d} produces mailto b at c.d link.

Sample and more details below.






An error in \texttt{mailto} links with the package \texttt{url}




I usually enclose email addresses in a \url{\url{}} declaration in a
tex file.  When I open the resulting pdf file in Adobe Reader, and
mouse over the email address, the cursor changes and indicates a
\url{mailto} link, which would be very useful, were it not that the
link is often faulty: an address of the form \url{aaa.bbb at xxx.yz}
gives a link to \url{bbb at xxx.yz} with the initial `\url{aaa.}'

Is this a known (solved?) bug?
Is the mailto link created by \LaTeX\ or by Adobe Reader?


Here is an example:

Alpha Bravo \url{alpha.bravo at charlie.de}

This produces the following link: \url{mailto:bravo at charlie.de}.


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