[texhax] LaTeX help

Joshua Grauman jnfo at grauman.com
Thu Aug 10 21:38:20 CEST 2006


I'm new to LaTeX/TeX and have been pouring over documentation to figure 
out how to get my document as I would like it. I would appreciate help as 
I appear to be stuck (examples and .tex code is greatly appreciated). I 
think this is the right list, but correct me if I'm wrong.

These should be fairly simple I assume, and easy to see what I'm doing and 
talking about since I've included a link to the .tex file and the .pdf 
file, (they are small).


These are somewhat listed in order of importance to me, but I'd really 
like to fix them all ;)

1) How can I get the book name (ie Genesis, Exodus) in the header? I am 
able to do it using markright and markboth if I don't want a range of 
verses (ie 1:1 - 1:5), but just want the starting verse (ie Genesis 1:1). 
Really, I need another mark I think, besides marking left and right. 
Currently, marking left and right are used up to store the 'to' and 'from' 
referrence numbers, and I need another mark to store the book (if I 
understand this correctly. I wrote the commands \bkmark and \vsmark from 
reading the memoir documentation as I understand it...)

2) How do I make the Table of Contents not list itself as an entry?

3) How do I get rid of the page number at the bottom center of the page 
when I start a new chapter? I also want to get rid of the page numbers off 
the title page and table of contents (I think this is all related). Ie 
pages 1,2,3,5.

4) How do I make the chapter numbers not listed before the chapter. Ie I 
want "Genesis", not "1 Genesis" in the table of contents AND for its 

Thanks so much for any/all help. There's a lot to learn what starting 


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