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hgi at shaw.ca hgi at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 7 19:38:31 CEST 2006

Hi All!

I now have a nice, in-house, two-column newsletter that our branch uses to generate awareness in other branches.  It goes out once a month, is a one-pager (two sides), yet presents some useful information.

I'm now setting it up so everything can be generated automatically using a Python program to generate the Tex (LaTex) code.  

My  difficulty is that I have little "title bars" in blue (with white text inside) just above each tiny section.  So it would be great, when titles are entered, to know that a titlebar is say, 50 characters in width and since the heading itself is (for example) 30 chars in width, I need to pad 20 characters with the blue colour.  In this way all titlebars are exactly the same width, regardless of how much text they contain.

So I am wondering if there is a fairly nice looking font that I might access for titles, that is likely non-proportional, so I can dynamically create equal-width titlebars throughout my little document.

Thanks so much!

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