[texhax] Re: mktexpk fights wasy2, ibycus4-greek, cmcsc...

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Sep 27 13:44:29 CEST 2005

At 21:20 25.09.05, Christian Schenk wrote:
>Uwe Lück wrote:
> > [...]
>>It likes to claim a syntax error in Silvio Levy's grbase.mf
>>(necessary both for ibycus and Silvio Levy's original font),
>>and immediately afterwards: "This can't happen".
>A known MiKTeX issue. Please rebuild the MF base file and try again.

Thanks to the three of you for the instant responses!
And sorry ...

I had confused MiKTeX's MakePK and mktexpk (though there
might be similarities).

What is typical and strange concerning the problem with MiKTeX
is that the latter may accept one size of a shape but not a second
one. E.g., the standard cmcsc10.pk is generated for a very large
scaling without problems, but MakePK breaks with a smaller
scaling of cmcsc10 afterwards. (Sorry, contrarily to my
previous posting I have never seen cmcsc17.) Dominik
Wujastyk has reported this phenomenon to the MiKTeX project
5 years ago.

Now for the first time in my life, I consulted the METAFONT book,
found the simple and lazy
     inimf / **plain / *input modes / *dump
and after some hours it made YAP work without complaints again.
(One problem is to find out where plain.base comes down,
like with Apollo and Sojus landings. -- Couldn't this be presented
more clearly and easier to find -- since new font installations are
perhaps not so rare?)

So mktexpk or METAFONT are not to blame for the previous problem.
The only problem remaining with the mktexpk implementation at
the UNIX installation of our computing center here (LRZ) is the bulk
of arithmetic overflows with ibycus4, fibr84 e.g. To find out whether
this is due to an unlucky configuration here at Munich or to a
general problem with mktexpk, some volunteers might try at their
local UNIX installations. (I might send all the .mf etc. files required.)


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