[texhax] Ledmac Questions

Chris Yocum cyocum at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 19:01:24 CEST 2005

Hi All,
    Thank you for all your support for my earlier question.  I am now
using Ledmac to set my edition.  I am at this point trying to use the
verse capabilities of the package.
     My first question is when I use \stanza and & to end a line and
\& to end the stanza, I get 189 errors mostly like this:

! Missing number, treated as zero.
<to be read again> 
                   \sza at 0@ 
l.3 \stanza
A number should have been here; I inserted `0'.
(If you can't figure out why I needed to see a number,
look up `weird error' in the index to The TeXbook.)

     I have a distinct feeling that I am forgetting something
important but I do not know what it is.  I looked at the ledmac manual
and it has an Irish example but it is so dense that, with my limited
experience, I am having a very hard time understanding it.
     When I look at the PDF output.  Each Stanza has an equal (=) sign
just above it, which I believe is a side effect of the error above.
     I am also using \flagstanza because each stanza in the poem is
marked by the person speaking.  In the manuscripts, it is usually on
the left hand side (with the exception of a manuscript at Trinity
College Dublin, which I saw last week).  When I use \flagsanza{Cormac}
(or Fithal), a couple of times in the PDF output ledmac garbles the
names.  Although, I have tried to increase the \stanzaindentbase but
no matter how large I set it, nothing appears to be happening and I
still get the garbled names.
     I would appreciate it if someone familiar with ledmac could help
me out with my probably very easy questions.
     Thank you again for all your support.


PS Below is my preamble for anyone who may need it.

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt, oneside]{book}
\usepackage[a4paper, left=4cm, top=2cm, bottom=4cm, right=2.5cm,

\usepackage[titleformat=italic, %
						ibidem=name&title, %
						pages=format, %
						bibformat=ibidem, %
						titleformat=commasep, %
						commabeforerest, %
						oxford=true, %


\renewcommand{\bibauthormultiple}{---, }

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