[texhax] Orphan section heads

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Sep 18 00:41:05 CEST 2005

At 14:46 15.09.05, Florian Knorn wrote:

>I just thought that there might be a
>\nopagebreakbetweensubsubsectionandparagraphpenalty I wasn't aware of ;-)

I really doubt that my following two remarks could be helpful,
though they _might_ be helpful.

1. Some years ago I observed section titles at page bottom
when using \nofiles (for test runs on small parts of the whole
document, where I didn't want to overwrite the .aux from an
earlier successful run on the entire text). Yet this LaTeX bug
has been fixed in the meantime. -- This remark stems from
a hypothesis of mine that Florian Korn is using a very old
LaTeX format as well as \nofiles -- is it probable that someone
uses outdated formats? Personally, I do know some guys who
stick to hard- and/or software dating from 1990 or so, and I am
one of these guys. One knows about the pros and cons of
such installations, while recent software may produce very
unpredictable results. Indeed, I am just beginning to work with
MikTeX -- and yesterdays .pk files that had served my previewing
earlier suddenly disappeared, and Yap suddenly has pretended
that there is a syntax error in the .mf  which is needed to create
the .pk files anew. (Indeed, this is a _question_ of mine that I
have been considering to send to TeXhax -- while I am
considering alternatives to solve the problem without your

2. on penalties prohibiting pagebreaks: such _penalties_ often
don't suffice with LaTeX. Such penalties may rather be overrun
by some \mark (or \insert or so). To solve this problem, LaTeX
provides an internal ("private") switch \if at nobreak for
\@afterheading. So when authors try to be package writers,
especially concerning section headings different to the LaTeX
standard style (\@startsection), they should think of \if at nobreak
and \@afterheading (as I recommend). (Indeed, sometimes I am
an author of this kind.)

Lucky TeXing,

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