[texhax] Protext -- fonts in math mode

Cheryl Hufnagle chufnagle at blazenet.net
Thu Sep 15 16:36:42 CEST 2005


I just recently joined TUG, but have been working in TeX for many years 
using Y&YTex.  I've gotten a new computer and chose to try Protext for 
my TeX program base now, since Y&Y has become defunct.

A project I am doing requires New Century School Book (CSB) to be the 
font.  I was thrilled to see the wide variety of fonts available through 
Protext.  However, when using this package for my document, only the 
text portion prints in CSB; anything in "math mode" is still in Computer 

Please tell me there is a way to obtain getting CSB to be the "math 
font" for this document -- without having to type everything in \mbox's. 
 If there is no easy solution for this font issue, can you please 
recommend a different TeX package that will allow me to access this font 
easily in math mode?

Many thanks for your support!
Cheryl Hufnagle

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