[texhax] DIN for BibTeX

John Wiedenhoeft wiedenhoeft at gmx.net
Thu Sep 15 15:35:21 CEST 2005

Dear all,

I'm using natbib with the plaindin style to get bibliographies according 
to the German DIN 1505. I have the following item in my bib-file:

   Author         = {Millar, W. Stuart},
   Title          = {A {S}tudy of {O}perant {C}onditioning under 
{D}elayed {R}einforcement in {E}arly {I}nfancy},
   Publisher      = {The University of Chicago Press},
   Volume         = {37},
   Number         = {2},
   Series         = {Monographs of the Society for Research in Child
                    Development 147},
   Address        = {Chicago},
   year           = 1972
% 147 is the serial number

Now, it seems the style ignores all the series, numbers and volume entries:

Millar,W. S.: A Study of Operant Conditioning under Delayed 
Reinforcement in Early Infancy. Chicago : The University of Chicago 
Press, 1972

I'm wondering if this is a general bug in the package or just on my 
machine. The funny thing is, that Klaus Lorenzen, the author of the 
package, published a very detailled script on DIN 1505 and its usage 
(http://www.fh-hamburg.de/pers/Lorenzen/tum/litverz.ps), so it is hard 
to believe his style would be less elaborate.

Any experiences or comments on this?

Best regards,

John Wiedenhoeft

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