[texhax] Problem installing fonts (corelpak)

Ulrich Zarathustra at xs4all.nl
Fri Sep 9 12:58:56 CEST 2005


I tried to install the Galliard font using the corelpak font files from the 
ctan-archives. I moved all the files to the appropriate subdirectories:
*.vf  ->  /texmf/fonts/vf/corelpak/galliard
*.tfm  ->  . . /tfm/corelpak/galliard  
bgl.map -> /texmf/tex/dvips/config
galliard.sty (and (O)T1bgl.fd)  ->   /texmf/tex/latex/bgl

When I try to use the font like:
xdvi complains that bgl*0 fonts cannot be found.
But they reside in: /usr/share/texmf/fonts/tfm/corelpak/galliard/

When I try to use the font like:
LaTeX complains: Font shape `OT1/pgl/m/it' undefined(Font)
This is strange, since the fonts are called bgl (I also tried to install the 
Adobe Galliard font. These are called pgl* with agalliard.sty. These two 
fonts should not 'feel' each others presence)
It is completely strange to me, that LaTeX looks for pgl since the info in 
galliard.sty speaks about:
\def\load at bgl{\postscript at fontdef{ITC Galliard }{bgl}%
\late at extra@def{bgl}{}{}
\load at bgl 

Does anybody know what is happening here?
(I did 'texhash' and also 'updmap --enable Map bgl.map')

Much thanks in advance,
                  * My Box said: "Install WinXP or better ..." 
                               So I installed Linux. *
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