[texhax] determine remaining space

Florian Knorn floz at gmx.de
Thu Sep 8 10:05:16 CEST 2005

Hello William, hello Karl,

thank you again for both of your gracious help.

Now things work out the exact way I previously "dreamt" of : ) However,
I am sorry William, but I just discovered a similar, but better working
way of implementing the url-on-new-line-or-not-issue in the LaTeX
Companion (Example A-1-8 on p. 849). Better working in that the period
now does not get pushed into a new line (as described in my last mail).

Together with Karl's \gobble-tip (a command which I haven't heard of but
then found in the Don's TeX-Bible), things work just right --- and I
don't have to tamper with the BiBTeX style.

So as a résumé for the after-world: here's my final code.

\def\gobble#1{} % "eat" next token

\newcommand{\fancyurl}[1]{% code for pushing the url around

And here an exemplary BibTeX entry:

    TITLE = {Collective dynamics of `small--world' networks},
    AUTHOR = {Duncan J. Watts and Steven H. Strogatz},
    JOURNAL = {Nature},
    VOLUME = 393,
    NUMBER = 6684,
    YEAR = 1998,
    MONTH = {June},
    PAGES = {440--442},
    ADDRESS = {London, UK},
    NOTE =

So thanks again for your help and talk to you later,


Karl Berry schrieb:

>    period (.) after my NOTE = {\magicmacro{\url{http://asdfasfd}}} entry ?
>Maybe add \gobble at the end of note text?
>NOTE = {\magicmacro{\url{http://asdfasfd}}\gobble}
>That's what I do when I need to get rid of periods.

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