[texhax] Horizontal Footnotes in Critical Editions

Chris Yocum cyocum at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 18:24:54 CEST 2005

Dear Mr. Solzen,
     Thank you very much for the information.  I will definitely take
a look at that.
     It seems that footmisc gets me ninety percent there.  The problem
is that footmisc para option only works for the entire document.  I
only want it to work for a section of the document.  I would love to
be able to say \being{footpara}...\end{footpara}.  I am thinking of
asking the author of the package if he/she can add that feature or if
there is a hack I can use to do just a section of the document.
     Again, thank you very much for the information.

Chris Yocum

On 9/6/05, Lodewijk M. Solzen <solzen at ligature.org> wrote:
> Chris
> You might have a look at the work that's been done by the Atelier
> Fluxus-Virus: http://omega.enstb.org/fluxus-virus/en/what-critical.html.
> They use Omega for the typesetting, while offering macros for MS Word, too.
> Their expertise is with critical editions of ancient Greek texts, but no
> doubt their solutions will fit your needs as well.
> Sincerely,
> Ludwig M. Solzen
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> Onderwerp: [texhax] Horizontal Footnotes in Critical Editions
> Dear All,
>      I am a PhD student doing a critical edition of a Middle Irish
> text.  Part of this edition is putting footnotes in the text where
> there are manuscript variations of the spelling, etc. in footnotes.
> This creates many small footnotes, which are taking up much of the
> page.  In standard critical editions, these footnotes are often placed
> horizontally rather than vertically.  Is there a way in LaTeX2e to
> change the placing of footnotes so that they run horizontally rather
> than vertically?
>      In my search, I found a similar question in  UKTeX Digest V91
> #19, and TeXhax Digest V91 #024 and #025.  However, I have not been
> about to find an answer to the question in the archives of the mailing
> list or in the newsgroup.  If someone can just point me to the answer,
> that would be wonderful.
>      I only need this for one subsection rather than the entire
> document so a macro solution only needs to work for that section of
> the text.  If that can be made into a global solution, that would be
> wonderful but a quick hack to get it to work while I work on a global
> solution or some such would be most appreciated.
>      I am relatively new at LaTeX2e so my experience with macros are
> of a theoretical rather than a practical nature.
>      Thank you very much for your time and attention to this problem.
> Sincerely,
> Chris Yocum
> PS I am flying out for Dublin next week so if I become unresponsive, I
> apologize in advanced.
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