[texhax] Horizontal Footnotes in Critical Editions

Chris Yocum cyocum at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 16:46:53 CEST 2005

Dear All,
     I am a PhD student doing a critical edition of a Middle Irish
text.  Part of this edition is putting footnotes in the text where
there are manuscript variations of the spelling, etc. in footnotes. 
This creates many small footnotes, which are taking up much of the
page.  In standard critical editions, these footnotes are often placed
horizontally rather than vertically.  Is there a way in LaTeX2e to
change the placing of footnotes so that they run horizontally rather
than vertically?
     In my search, I found a similar question in  UKTeX Digest V91
#19, and TeXhax Digest V91 #024 and #025.  However, I have not been
about to find an answer to the question in the archives of the mailing
list or in the newsgroup.  If someone can just point me to the answer,
that would be wonderful.
     I only need this for one subsection rather than the entire
document so a macro solution only needs to work for that section of
the text.  If that can be made into a global solution, that would be
wonderful but a quick hack to get it to work while I work on a global
solution or some such would be most appreciated.
     I am relatively new at LaTeX2e so my experience with macros are
of a theoretical rather than a practical nature.
     Thank you very much for your time and attention to this problem.

Chris Yocum

PS I am flying out for Dublin next week so if I become unresponsive, I
apologize in advanced.

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