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Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Nov 29 18:58:46 CET 2005

OK, hope you get there : all that I am doing is to
set AV in one box (unkerned), AV in a second box (kerned),
and measuring the difference of the width of the two
boxes.  This gives me a measure of how much closer the
font designer felt that a V could be placed to an A than
would be the case if the A were a perfect rectangle.
I then use this as a correction factor to negatively
kern before typesetting the superscript 7.  In practice,
this amount is insuffient, and a better algorithm
pre-scales it by 2, as in :

         \def \domsev #1%
             {\setbox 0 = \hbox {#1{}V}%
              \setbox 2 = \hbox {#1V}
              \dimen 0 = \wd 0
              \advance \dimen 0 by -\wd 2
              \dimen 0 = 0 pt %%% pretend we did none of the above
              $\hbox {#1}\kern -\dimen 0 ^7$

         \def \DomSev #1%
             {\setbox 0 = \hbox {#1{}V}%
              \setbox 2 = \hbox {#1V}
              \dimen 0 = \wd 0
              \advance \dimen 0 by -\wd 2
              $\hbox {#1}\kern -2\dimen 0 ^7$

         \domsev {C}
         \domsev {A}

         \DomSev {C}
         \DomSev {A}


** Phil.

Joey Coyle wrote:

> Thanks Philip,
> This is is taking the next step for me in my Latex learning  curve...   
> Your examples contain commands I have never used, so it's  going to take 
> a little studying on my part to truly understand  them...    I'll be 
> back... ;-}
> thanks again,
> joey

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