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Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Nov 23 15:38:57 CET 2005

Joanne Snow asked the same question in 2003,
but she did gloss the half-box :

 > Does anyone know how to type the half-box that that is used in actuarial
 > or financial math as part of the subscript for the present value of an
 > annuity?  I want to be able to type ``a subscript n with a half-box (top
 > and right side)"  around the n.  I have 2 awkward methods--neither of
 > which satisfies me.
 > Thanks.  Joanne Snow

Philip Taylor
Uwe Lück wrote:
 > Hello Wickes,
 > At 07:17 21.11.05, Wickes Robbertse wrote:
 >> I'm trying to find a command or package to facilitate actuarial
 >> notation in LaTex, i.e. for an ordinary annuity a_n the n is placed in
 >> a halfbox.
 > some more people may be able to help you if you explain
 > what a `halfbox' is. My dictionaries don't tell me.
 > (To be sure, Google shows many pages, but they all seem
 > to presuppose that readers know what a halfbox is.)
 > Non-English speakers may as well not know what an `annuity'
 > and `actuarial' are. And some readers of this list may know what
 > `actuarial' is, but still not what `actuarial notation' is.
 > I also wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are different
 > national traditions concerning such notation.
 > Best,
 >   Uwe.
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