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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Nov 22 22:19:37 CET 2005


Jean-Baptiste MOREAU <jbaptiste_moreau at yahoo.fr> wrote:

  > First in the list of figures and tables, the captions that are wider
  > than the page width do not appear correctly : the text does not end at
  > the end of the line - there is no return to next line at the end of the
  > first line so that it overwrites page borders (it appears on one line
  > only).

you obviously use latex, dvips, ghostscript/distiller to create pdf.  

You can avoid these problems by using pdflatex instead.  You have to
convert all graphic files from eps to pdf.  Please use the program
`epstopdf' for this purpose.  It uses ghostscript in the background.
This sounds a bit inconvenient, but on the other hand pdftex can
include png and jpeg directly.

In very few cases it makes sense to go the latex->dvips route because
pdftex lacks a PostScript interpreter, but in most cases pdftex is the
best choice.


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